So last friday we did it .. we finished t25 .. alpha .. beta and gamma !

We started on 30 jan and finished 12 may .. 3.5 months .. 14 weeks .. omg 😀 .. i cannot believe it happened and i did it .. at first i thought i wont do it for the first week .. then i thought omg of course i am not doing beta .. than i did it .. then gamma i hated it but i finished it ..

Of course i did it all just like modifier because i gave birth 1 year and 1.5 months ago and i had surgery in november so i cannot jump alot for a year after it and i had back issues so i wanted to stay safe and do modifier and that is what i did .. so i have to thank tania for making me feel that i can do some sort of a level of t25 .. not 100% .. but i did some .. and i am proud of myseld ..

I cannot believe myself .. i didnt do the meal prep planning and i am eating alot so i didnt lose any weight .. but that wasnot my goal .. my goal was the commitment .. feeling that i need to workout to be ok .. that i need it and i am not scared or too lazy to workout .. i am a person who doesnt like sport .. so this is big for me .. i dont like to sweat or to feel pain .. but i did .. i almost can do a push up now oh my god 😀 .. i am planning to start a new workout .. but i am still searching ..

I remember many days when i was crying all day with my son and so tired .. but i worked out .. i remember working out inspite of having my period .. or feeling sick .. i am not a type of a person who commits to anything .. but i did it .. and i have to thank my husband because he is the reason i did .. i wanted to keep my word infront of him .. i wanted to proof that i can .. and i did ..

I am so happy and i wish i can have enough health to continue ..

If you know t25 modifier moves please let me know your suggestions for a new workout plan to follow .. but please no tough stuff because i am still not fully ready for it ..

Thanks a lot ..

Wish you all the fitness and health in the world 🙂



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