Ramadan Prayer List (Day 2)

I am starting Ramadan wish list for the world.. aka Ramadan prayer list .. what is that ? for every day of Ramadan .. let’s remember a certain group of people who needs positive prayers and good wishes and send it to them .. 🙂

2nd day: Today my wish goes to all who were killed with no reason .. to the heroes, victums and Martyrs around the world .. the ones who were killed by the terrorists or the system .. the ones in Egypt, Syria, Turkey, France, USA and all parts of the world .. may you find all safety, peace and serenity where you are .. all the peace and mercy from Allah to all of you souls ❤

You don’t have to be a muslim or a believer to join the wish/pray list, it just needs a big hearted person who believes that good vibes, positive thought and loving wishes can make any difference 🙂


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