Hummus حمص

Hummus .. best vegan alternative to soft cheese ever .. so easy .. some chickpeas previously boiled .. with some garlic .. paprika .. vinegar .. kumin .. it is tasty and amazing .. helps me have more vegan meals during the week .. Did you try hummus before ? #hummus #vegan #veganism #salad #veganeasycheese


So last friday we did it .. we finished t25 .. alpha .. beta and gamma ! We started on 30 jan and finished 12 may .. 3.5 months .. 14 weeks .. omg 😀 .. i cannot believe it happened and i did it .. at first i thought i wont do it for

Fruits & Yogurt Popsicles .. آيس كريم زبادي و فواكه صحي و لذيذ

بما ان الصيف شويه و هيدخل علينا و هنحتاج نشرب و ناكل حاجات ساقعه و حلوة .. فدي طريقة سهله اوي و مش بتاخد 5 دقايق فعلا لو عملناها هيبقى عندنا ايس كريم مفيد جدا و لذيذ لينا و لاولادنا بدون مواد حافظه و لا الوان صناعيه و لا حاجات منعرفش مصدرها ايه 🙂 جربوه