Doula Services


My main goal is to help every mother has a healthy, content and happy pregnancy with physical and emotional support for the mother, when the mother feels happy and supported it will affect the baby and the whole family, To achieve that I am here as a Doula to give this support during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Pregnancy and birth services:

  • Information and resources about all the phases of your journey.
  • Help you always make informed decisions.
  • Pregnancy massage.
  • Acupressure points that help you through pregnancy, birth and postpartum, Acupressure points help the birthing woman to cope with labour pain, stimulate contractions and help increase labour efficiency. From a medical model, acupressure can be viewed as promoting the release of endorphins, blocking the pain receptors to the brain and increasing the efficiency of the contractions, also postpartum acupressure points can help a lot.
  • Cupping massage – This simple but very effective technique aids relaxation and helps relieve pain, move energy in the pelvis & activate the parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Helping the baby to engage and move down – Encouraging the baby to move down before or during any stage of labour
  • Uses of Rebozo for enhancing baby positioning, help the pregnanct woman deal with pregnancy sympotoms and rebozo during birth.
  • Polarity Technique – This simple technique helps to progress a stalled labour. It is able to increase the regularity of contractions, aid with relaxation, change the position of the baby and help bring the woman into her parasympathetic nervous system.
  • Birth wish list preparations and writing.
  • Support and information for partners and close family members.
  • An emotional support which includes support about previous traumatic birth or miscarriage.
  • Aromatherapy – Basic use of aromatherapy during pregnancy massages, and also during the birth.
  • Moxa – Research confirms that moxa therapy increases the chances of breech babies spontaneously turning & increases the success of an external version.
  • Handling all pregnancy symptoms naturally in the best way.
  • My 100% full presence during delivery for as long as it takes.
  • Details and treatments about stalled labours, breech babies, broken waters and no contractions and many other situations that can arise during pregnancy, labour and birth.
  • Detailed nutrition plan for pregnancy.
  • Information about what exercises should be done and which sports best during pregnancy.
  • Support and information about water birth and gentle birthing techniques.

Postpartum care:

Any new mother, will feel happier and reassured if she has enough help and support for the first period of her motherhood journey, for that, i provide some postpartum care services to aid all mothers.

  • Detailed recipes for food which support healing and milk production.
  • Preparing sitz baths.
  • Herbal tea combinations to support healing and recovery.
  • Acupressure and Foot massage for aiding recovery & stimulating balance.
  • Mother roasting.
  • Herbs to treat postpartum insomnia, mild depression, anemia, constipation.
  • Basic breast feeding support.
  • Basic infant CBR techniques for parents.
  • Basic information about how to get fitness back and start exercising.
  • Details about the supplements every mother needs.
  • Prevention and Management of Gestational Diabetes with nutrition


Also, I provide Some online courses for new parents:

  • Child birth education class.
  • Partner support class.
  • Birth wish list preparations.

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